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caterlord® POS

A Cloud POS Software tailored for any kind of restaurants. Its operations oriented design serve the most complex F&B operations scenario. Its adaptability is proven by over 350 new restaurants every year.


POS-X is a comprehensive cross-platform POS system. No matter you are using Windows, Android, or iOS, our POS-X system is perfectly compatible. Users can also tailor-made POS settings to better fit your restaurant's needs. With simple equipment settings and a short system setup time for POS-X, you can easily build up a user-friendly POS-X system for restaurants.


ODO (Own Device Ordering) truly implements contactless ordering. In addition to providing dine-in and self-pickup modes, it also provides a pre-ordering service. It can seamlessly integrate with the Caterlord POS and supports multiple payment methods, enabling high-quality order management. Once you get a device, you can scan the QR code and swiftly order for yourself without any apps installation. Regardless of which kind of restaurant you are in, ODO’s flexible menu design must be capable to meet the different needs of your restaurant setting, allowing your customers to enjoy "own device ordering"!

ODO Connect

Using other POS systems and want to save costs and increase revenue? ODO-Connect will undoubtedly be your choice! No matter which POS system you are using, the independently operated ODO-Connect allows your restaurant to transform into a contactless ordering restaurant at once. Taking only a few simple steps, ODO-Connect serves you with a high-end smart restaurant without pain!

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Our Philosophy

Everyware envision a world in which all people and business owners are inter-connected in person, not just online. While you cannot stop people from phubbings, we are committed to drive online people to your physical store and provide the store keeper a chance to establish a real life relationship among each other.

  • 1. Establish connections
  • 2. Bring online customer
    to your store
  • 3. Accumulate online
  • 4. Boost sales

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Our solid technologies is the backbone of all our serives lies behind the scene. We are comitted to use the most advanced technology to overturn the retail industry.


All of our services are running on REAL CLOUD service (not just hosted service) compromising the 99.999% availability and cloud standard data processing power.

Universal Data Sycn. Technology (UDS)

Still waiting for upload? All of our POS products are amoured with our proprietary sync. technology - Universal Data Sync. The data level comparison methodology ensure data sync. accross clients and servers in the matter of seconds without any data loss, even in disastrous situation.


A technology developed by Everyware to quickily analyse your corp’s small data in crossing over with the global big data, such as weather, traffic, search trends and a lots more. It gives a whole new insight on how the big world is affecting your sales.


All our software products are born to be API ready. All the new features in successive updates are also added to the APIs to bring you the most possibility for integrating your stores with any emerging social media or online platform (e.g. WeChat, Food Panda...etc.)




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